Pre-Construction Services



The most successful projects have proven to be when a client initiates the complete team relationship early on in the process - during Pre-Construction.  The builder is able to form a close relationship with our client and design team at the onset of the project, we are able to thoroughly understand the client's wants, needs, goals and intentions.  We can work with design, engineering and the city to represent the client in every way - Quality, Schedule & Budget.   


When the builder is able to understand the goals, we can in turn set realistic expectations, then guide and advise on specific design elements as they relate to the budget.  This type of process sets the stage for a successful building experience from the very beginning!  Otherwise, the builder gets to know the client and understands their mindset, mid-way through a project and that is most times, too late. It is money and time well spent to coordinate and get to know the builder early on!   

Our Pre-Construction effort is quite comprehensive.  After getting to know a client, we utilize innovative tools and technology to provide our architect and client with detailed estimates, accurate quantity take-offs,constructability analysis, and construction scheduling.  


Our Software

Our software offerings include:  On Screen Takeoff (OST), Sage's Cut & Fill Software, Precision Estimating Software, and Asta PowerPoint. We are not only accurate with the numbers that we provide you, but we are transparent - allowing you to make informed decisions early on and throughout the entire project.